A Modern & Contemporary office is designed for, the global smartphone manufacturer from China.

The concept of Digital Connection is chosen as we were inspired by Vivo’s business which runs dynamically, stylish, and full of innovation. We create a colourful office interior with the dynamic curves applied as the interior elements.

The colourful and clean elements in the office bring a modern impression. Other than that, the dark hanging lamps, wooden elements, and simple lines are applied for a contemporary impression.

We applied a random triangle pattern sandblast sticker with a blue colour to represent the corporate identity. White workstations with low partitions are provided in the Finance Area. To add some fresh impression, we also put some artificial plants on the table.

In Assembly Room, the curve LED on the ceiling brings a modern, elegant, and sophisticated design to the office.

It’s such a pleasure to work with Vivo! Wish it can inspire the employee to give the best performance in the office!

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