Arkadia Works has designed a dynamic office interior for HAUD, a global mobile network operator, aggregator, and messaging hub company.

Located at Telkom Landmark Tower 18th Floor, Jakarta, Arkadia Works chose the “Dynamic Waves” as a design concept, inspired by the dynamic and growing business of HAUD. The concept applied through the wave elements from the logo that broken down into dynamic and futuristic forms.

Arkadia Works brings a Clean & Futuristic theme by applying bright and purple colors as the corporate identity. It represents the visionary culture and generates employee innovation.

For a clean and bright impression, LED lights in the form of dynamic curves are applied on some of the sides such as the wall and ceiling.

The open plan Staff Area with the fusion of white and purple is created with low partitions and wave elements on the wall. On the other side, the Breakout Area is designed with a green column for a fresh impression inside.

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