Concentrix MOB

“Millions of Boxes” is the design concept applied to the Concentrix Office in Jakarta at the Landmark Tower 7th Floor, as a philosophy of the company supporting millions of businesses to be able to deliver their products (which most of them delivered in boxes) to their customers.

This project also collaborates with Concentrix Jakarta employees to send their daily inorganic household wastes to the project site. Together, we created an art installation “made from waste”.

Entering the lobby, we composed hundreds of small reused bottle caps creating a silhouette of “Patung Selamat Datang” (Welcome Statue), one of the famous landmarks in Jakarta. And yes, welcome to Concentrix Office!

This new space has total of 1.739 m2 area consist of 292 seats of production areas, 48 training seats, 18 pax of support areas, 1 conference room, 4 meeting rooms, 1 Prayer Room, 1 Medical Room, 1 Executive Cabin, and Cafeteria.

The “box shapes” applied in number of areas such as lobby ceiling, training rooms, conference room, staff areas and cafeteria in the form of squares and rectangles. We also uses bold colours in some areas to make the space more attractive, more fun, & bring more spirit.

Entering the cafeteria, this space gives you another different sense of space experience and a good Jakarta city view for relax. We also form the Concentrix tagline “Different by Design” by using household wastes and reused materials in the cafeteria area. Together let’s spread the sustainability message to the whole world! We have just made an artwork by using our daily waste!

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