Universitas Bunda Mulia

“The Transformation”

As a leading education institution focused on bridging of education to the real world, Universitas Bunda Mulia (UBM) wished to create a modern & professional university that reflects university’s vision to deliver a high quality and industry-oriented institution.

We designed the new facility into a modern student hub, acting as a drop-in area where all of the university members can study, learn, and collaborate in achieving the academic purposes. The new space is fresh, provoke creative ideas, and bring inspiration to meet the main purpose: The Transformation.
The moment you enter the library lobby, you will meet find an agile, multi-purpose touchdown space that is friendly with cozy environment that would attract and help students & university members to open ideas. Next to the lobby, there is an exhibition area that exhibit student’s achievements and works that bring passion and motivation to change the world.

The new facility encompasses space for a spacious library area, library café, group collaboration, as well as quiet rooms. Fitting the zones together was like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, providing the necessary functionality while maintaining a harmonious unity. The design is flexible, it features furniture that can be moved and reconfigured according to their needs.

One of the highlights of this university space is the indoor garden, that has a warm atmosphere and large welcoming space. Playful and stylish furniture and decorative couches all over the area, generates a lively, contemporary vibe for the academic activity. The different zones are delineated by floor finishes, lighting and aesthetic style, without losing the image of an educational institution.

This is reassuring a comfortable place where students can come not only to have a chat, meet, and chill, but also at the same time feel motivated to learn, study, transform, and change the world.

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