“The Lab”

Fleischhacker is the trading company for medical & laboratory technology. The initial brief from client is they want to have a workspace that modern, clean, and emphasize on technology solution.

The main concept of the office is Lab, that illustrates team of expert that collaborate together for providing technological solution. The new office designed to celebrates the journey of moving through space as a metaphor for the creation of technology and innovation, with modern touch and avant-garde style, as well as illustrates a dynamic and comprehensive expertise for solving the problem with technology.

The white & clean walls and open plan ceiling also emphasize the simplicity yet clean environment, that illustrate the challenge in the healthcare sector.

Also, we provide to carry a more flexible, dynamic, transparent, open-plan office concept and also communal spaces present as a place to break out and also a place of discussion or user collaboration.

Set all the fixed desks into the neighborhoods and placed them around the space according to their division, this placement allow access for any employee to easily access all the area provided like breakout, pantry, and meeting room.

in colaboration with Dezan Studio

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