Concentrix TOB

Arkadia Works designed an office with an Indonesian Cultural Heritage vibe with “Tales of Batik” as the interior concept. It displays various of Indonesia’s Batik as the main story. Bright colours, local materials, and traditional elements blend in one to create Concentrix Office.

Inspired by Concentrix’s business strategy, “Global Consistency with Local Intimacy”, Designer applied various Batiks such as Batik Megamendung from Cirebon, Batik Kawung Mataram from Yogyakarta, Batik Tasikan from Tasikmalaya, Batik Gumin Tambun from Central Kalimantan, Batik Parang from Central Java, and Batik Anatau from East Nusa Tenggara.

A fusion of bright colour and traditional elements such as Batik, Wayang, Woven Bamboo, and natural stone brings a local modern impression. The reused and recycled materials are chosen to create an eco-friendly office.

As we applied energy-saving and eco-friendly materials, this design successfully achieve Green Building Certification from Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). Wish the design can inspire and bring a more productive atmosphere to the Concentrix team!

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