“The Freedom”

Akseleran is the leading crowdfunding fintech peer-to-peer platform in Indonesia that connects companies that need funding to grow with numbers of financial lender. Akseleran vision is “Financial Inclusion Becomes Reality”. To reach this vision, the client wants to create a space that can express the freedom to work environment, challenging the best talent, freedom to choose, and emphasize more on collaborative solution.

What kick it up a notch is that we deliver a productive working environment that maintain collaboration & synergy among team through an open-flexible workplace. Also, because this is a start-up office, we tried to carry a more flexible, dynamic, transparent, open-plan office concept and also many communal spaces present as a place to break out and also a place of discussion or user collaboration

The new space is unique, given many different identities work within it. Colorful and playful wall, collaborative spot, city view from every vantage point, and agile working space allowing the office to feel larger and dynamic.

In one of the walls, a strong statement of Akseleran’s vision which displays regions in Indonesia that already penetrated as lender and/or borrower, is presented as the reminder in chasing Akseleran’s vision of financial inclusion into reality.

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