“The Touch”

Mowilex is a leading producer of premium paints and coatings company in Indonesia. In initial brief, the client wants to transform their old workspace into the new stylish office that can deliver message that they are the experts in the building solution.

“The Touch” is the design concept that we applied to the Mowilex Office as we invite peoples to come, feel & touch the real finish of Mowilex Premium’s product applied in numbers of surfaces as a mixture between finished wall paint and coated raw surface.

We designed the industrial & contemporary interior design that evoke Mowilex’s motto ‘Inspiration for Life’.

Our main goal was to make people feel inspired with the product quality and solution. We also focus on the employee experience to work, which has the millennial spirit for the young leaders. Working is not a rigid activity; people can easily collaborate and to do teamwork which accommodated by the open plan office and collaboration space in the middle of the workplace.

Through a fusion of colors and industrial elements such as exposed brick, cement finished, woods, we create an environment of young, passionate, and professional teams to the entire workplace. The clear glass partition used to separate spaces to invite natural light as well as bring transparency to the work culture.

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