“The Presence”

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. When DHL want to set bold presence in Indonesia especially in Central Java Region, what first come in our mind is we want to fuse the local culture into the modern facility.

“Carve Out a Global Business from Indonesia” is the main theme of this new facility. We developed DHL’s office & warehouse to create a modern facility office and warehouse shipment point that can accommodate all of DHL operations in Central Java. The new area was comprised of retail outlet and warehouse that connected to the office area.

As the leaders in logistic industry, the design combines elements of bold & modern, blended in local culture in a seamless way. You will meet Wayang Arjuna from Mahabharata story in the meeting room, Lawang Sewu and Prambanan Temple printed wallpaper in the workplace, as well as Islamic praying room with Arabic calligraphy. To deliver bold presence message, we put large bold DHL corporate logo in the front façade which inviting people’s attention to gain more trust.

To create a high-quality workplace for the employee, we ensure a proper lighting, ergonomic chair, functional workstation, and easy maintenance materials. The colors and material palette primarily are neutral with the compliment of two main colors, red and yellow which refer to DHL Brand which creating a fresh look and appeal at the same time.

Consist of variety facility to increase the productivity of the employees, we provide a cozy working area, spacious meeting room, prayer room, pantry, breakroom & karaoke room to sit back and relax. Big transparent windows are integrated between the office area and the warehouse, allows a clear view from the office to easily control the logistic operations.

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