Aspirasi is the micro-financing and micro-insurance brand by Axiata Digital.

Arkadia Works trusted to build their new office in Jakarta with a “Modern & Vibrant” design concept that emphasizes fun, dynamic, open, and casual style.

The new office accommodates a flexible work culture and utilizes an “Open Space” concept to maximize the use of the workspace. The Designer chooses bright colors, open ceilings, and a wooden lattice to give a spacious impression to the work area.

One of the exciting parts in this office is how the Designer created the division for each area with minimum use of walls: it is applied in the form of ornamental plants, company logo, or different ceiling and floor finish to make the office looks spacious (but still divided based on its function). This approach allows people to see & communicate from all sides of the office without any boundaries.

We are proud and happy to be part of this exciting project, and hope this new home can enabling Aspirasi to give a greater impact on society!

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