Arkadia Works Response to COVID-19

“We know it is very important for us to take care of our employees. Since the health of our stakeholders is our priority, we need a commitment from our management.”

It’s been almost a year we are fighting for COVID-19. There are many ways that we try to overcome this pandemic. But still, this isn’t over for us.

To respond this situation, we implement a few things to prevent COVID-19 transmission in the office. Our responses for this situation are as follows:


We make a full commitment from management to implement several rules include; health protocols, working from home, working shifts, and communication to prevent COVID-19.

For workers at site, we apply work rules to maintain employee health and safety.

We set the rules to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), adapt social distancing while working, provide hand washing facilities and supervise the overall implementation.

If there are positive cases, we did several things such as making a report to the authority, contact tracing, stop the work, and pre-work training.


As we also concern about others, we donate basic foodstuffs to the people who economically affected by COVID-19 pandemic. We also donate face mask to the UKM.

We also conduct a study titled “Tomorrow’s Workplace Pandemic” about how people adapt to work in the office. The study based on 4 approach: Leadership, Prevention, Workplace Design, and Technology.

The study is successfully presented in the Vinoti Office Webinar & Pertamina Corporate University.

Let’s wear back the masks and stay safe!

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